About Us

AEGIS beauté Corp. is a Canadian developer and manufacturer of innovative, high performing natural skin health and wellness products

Our journey began in 2012, when we were introduced to the incredible health benefits of seaweed. As one of the oldest living organisms on the planet, it has learned to adapt and harness all the goodness from the sea water and its exposure to the sun during low tide.


You may glean some information about the relationship that seaweed has with human skin on the “Unique Science” page to understand the specialness of our Aegis beauté Sea Naturals® skincare line.


Continuing on our journey, we followed up with a collection of skin health and wellness products to broaden our offering, such as the NuLeg Vitality for those who are active to help improve circulation and recover; Oceanic Glacial Clay Mask – a uniquely Canadian wet clay mask that naturally contains more than 60 micronutrients to deeply cleanse and nourish the skin; and Hemp Microderm – a microdermabrasion cream to renew the skin for a youthful glow, just to mention a few.


Our raw materials are harvested in accordance with the environmental regulations. We focus on ingredients from marine and botanical sources to produce highly effective products at competitive pricing. Biocompatible minerals, trace elements, amino acids and vitamins provide essential nourishment to maintain healthy skin and a sense of wellbeing.


We are passionate about what we do and enjoy working with like-minded people.  We take pride in the products and customer service we provide to our internal and external partners and stakeholders, agents, distributors, wholesalers and end-user consumers.


We look forward to continuing on our journey and hope you will come along with us!


Amie Hingston, C.O.O.